Check4ID App

The Check4ID App provides you with an easy way of automatically check identity documents contents and Age, and provide you with all relevant information.

Using the acquired information Check4ID is able to perform checks on the documents content, as well as automatically show you the relevant authenticity features of the scanned document for comparison.

With additional features, such as document and chip control, expiration control, second scans, statistics, saved information and connecting to third party applications, Check4ID is suitable in many situations were control of Identity Documents is needed.


Check4ID allows you to scan the MRZ and RFID Chip found on modern identity documents, and extract for example the color image from the chip for comparison

Easy Scanning

Check4ID scans all MRZ lines according to the international ICAO 9303 standard from ID Cards, Passports and Driving Licenses without changing and selecting type of MRZ.

Be Sure of who you are dealing with

Especially in situations where you want to check if you deal with the right person Check4ID is the App of choice, and suitable for delivery services, registration, age control, etc.