AgeBuddy App

Agebuddy for Android, the powerful App to check the Age from your vistors by quick and easy scanning identity documents.

Agebuddy is configurable to your desired agechecking needs. No need for external hardware or scanners, just your mobile phone is enough.

With Agebuddy you can set your own relevant ageborders and as a result Agebuddy shows you the Age and depending om ageborder settings, warning screens in red, yellow and green.

Agebuddy is the solution for checking the Age by selling alcohol and tobacco and is already used in leisure, pubs, disco’s, events, and delivery services.


Agebuddy allows you to scan the MRZ and RFID Chip found on modern identity documents. Using the acquired information Agebuddy is able to check the Age and check for repeated scanning of documents to prevent passing.

Smart Scanning Mode

With the Smart Scan Mode AgeBuddy uses only the needed read actions to get as quick as possible the results.

Additional Features

With additional features you can extend Agebudy with more functions, like historical information and statistics.