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With the ever growing emphasis on identity fraud and being able to quickly check all sorts of ID Documents, the Apps from ScanActive are your tools of choice.

ScanActive consists of a team of experienced specialists. We have over 25 years of experience in 2D imaging techniques, RFID technology and processing, recognizing and reading out: barcodes, ID cards, passports and driving licenses.

With our new Android apps Check4ID and Agebuddy you can read your customers or visitors Identity Document directly with your mobile phone. At a glance you will see all relevant information. Allowing you to easily check if you have got the correct person in front of you.

Benefits of ScanActive

As part of ScanID, ScanActive is your total solution provider for mobile ID Check solutions
In house development

Our apps are based on our own developped OCR and RFID Engines. Because of this we can quickly anticipate on new standards and laws or custom made solutions, such as interfacing with third party software

Cost Effective

With our mobile apps you don’t need dedicated hardware. Simply use your phone's camera to quickly scan a document. All relevant information of the scanned document is shown and checked.


Besides our experience in the development of hard and software, we have gained a lot of experience from our customers and install base. With millions of ID movements in many sectors annualy, our systems are used every day.

Award Winning Solutions

We have a large product line of hard- and software for document identification, authentication and interfaces, which are used in many applications for hotels, notary public, lawyers, supermarkets, leisure, delivery services, rental companies etc.